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Great Generosity

Wake up! This is it. 

A householder's thoughts on zen practice and life and death

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My "bigfoot" air freshener swings back and forth dangling from my rearview mirror as I drive around. There he is going to the store...

What's in a name? Me?

I named this blog after my dharma name!?! It feels like sacrilege. On the surface I am reaffirming a "self" or as described in the...

Open the Fridge

During my second period of zazen this morning a rush of memory washed over me. Very warm childhood memories. That's a relief because I've...

One Zazen

My girlfriend and I did zazen laying down this afternoon. I almost fell asleep once or twice. Just breathing in and breathing out....

Home again and again

I went to my hometown Berlin the other day to visit my dad and my mom. As I was driving through the city I saw a woman just walking down...

A fresh start

Daikan is the dharma name given to me by my Zen teacher Nancy Mujo Baker Roshi. It's two parts Dai and Kan, so, it has two Japanese...

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